Turns More of Your Power into Speed

Our signature Oversized Pulley Wheel System gives you maximum efficiency. But how? Science and real-world testing proves that larger rear derailleur pulley wheels, made of the right materials and by the right hands, cut friction, save watts and boost speed. Here’s how it works…

The derailleur, invented in the early part of the 20th century, is credited with transforming cycling, providing a range of gears to climb the steepest mountain and maximise speed and mileage from riders’ leg power on the flat and descents. They’re unheralded, workmanlike, and have remained largely unaltered in fundamental design. But in recent years the derailleur has become more proficient and efficient, saving you more watts and giving you increased performance thanks to the introduction of CeramicSpeed’s Oversized Pulley Wheel System.

The Oversized Pulley Wheel System – OSPW System – is an aftermarket item specifically designed to replace your bike’s rear derailleur’s two pulley wheels and the cage they live in.

There are CeramicSpeed OSPW Systems compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo drivetrain systems which all work on the same principles but are designed and machined to work perfectly with the other host drivetrain components from those brands. It’s the combination of the design and size of the pulley wheels (sometimes known as jockey wheels), the quality of the bearings they run on and the materials in the complete unit that combine to make the difference. As a standalone upgrade, they deliver a significant efficiency saving for your drivetrain, and this can be enhanced by pairing with other CeramicSpeed products. Here’s how…

How watts and time savings work

There are many variables to calculate exactly how watt savings manifests itself in time but, as a general rule, a saving of 5 watts means you’ll ride 0.5sec/km faster. Working with the conservative figure of 2.4 watts saved using CeramicSpeed OSPW System compared to a stock Dura-Ace 9000 system, that adds up. When it comes to triathlon – specifically Ironman – on the 180km bike leg, by using an OSPW System, you’ll be looking at saving 43 seconds: that’s a huge advantage and it can also mean energy conserved for the run.

The principle also translates directly to other cycling disciplines. With all other factors equal, a sportive rider equipped with CeramicSpeed OSPW System will ride their 100km event 24 seconds faster than a standard setup.

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